Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I'm working in my study. I'm finishing art related tasks first then addressing my stickum notes and goal list.  

Clarke Kent kitty scouts for prey in the chill sunlight outside. My one Bradford Pear tree standing tall outside my 2nd floor study window casts flames of gold, crimson and orange. St. Louis, MO today is crisp with clear skies and a breeze.  Clarke won't last long outside, she is slickly slim and silky, not insulated  for the cold. 

I am wrapping and planning art. My etching with collage goes to Baltimore, Maryland for the Maryland Federation of Art Show,  SMALLS.  Framed it is 11"x12", just fitting the specs.

Next I will create prints and poster to take to New York City for the International Conference on Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies at Columbia University.  I will enjoy my new portfolios and my old friend, the tube carrier for the poster. Columbia University has its own mounting methods for  protection of their walls, so my job is simple. Just speak and answer questions. Thank you Evelin Linder of Humiliation Studies for showing my work,  participating in important work.  

In NYC I look forward to seeing the Frick Museum newly renovated, the Picasso Show. My major goal is music. Much music with friends. Check back Friday.  I'm going to work, friends.

p.s. My next goal for this blog is  mount photos.

Enjoy the day, Claire

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  1. What exciting things you have coming up, and I can't wait to see some photos on here!