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Cat chats proudly about her cousins: Photos and facts on Cheetah of South Africa


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Today I feature the important Africa Outreach providing   medical and hygiene improving life in Africa who show us FELINE stars of their country. Enjoy. :))

Lifted From Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project sponsoring medical and hygiene projects to improve life in Africa.

  • Introducing Moya and Juba, two-year old cheetah brothers, who stole the show at Emdoneni’s Cat Rehabilitation Center.
    From CTAOP

    From CTAOP

    We were able to cuddle with Juba and Moya (carefully) after a terse safety briefing that included a bit about not running away.  Cheetahs are the only cat with non retractable claws, which you can see on the hind legs of the Moya.  These claws, and large nostrils and vascular systems are what makes it possible to accelerate from 0 to 96 mph in 3 seconds.  The cheetah’s tail is what keeps it in control at high speeds, acting like a rudder. Just to put this into perspective, the Bugatti Veyron (world’s fastest road legal car) goes from 0 to 60mph in 2.4 seconds.  Add to this bit of knowledge that if something turns to run, these playful kitties will chase it.  End of story.

    Jason, Claire, and I got to pose with the graceful cats…I was fortunate enough to get a nice spa treatment from Juba, who apparently liked my salty skin.  You, too, can get an arm exfoliation that will definitely be cheaper than your local spa.
    From CTAOP

    From CTAOP

    From CTAOP

    Also at the rehabilitation center are caracals, serval, and African wild cats.  Servals can jump up to 12 ft in the air to catch birds, and like to play with their food by tossing their prey into the air, plucking feathers at the same time. 
    From CTAOP

    Meanwhile, Caracals eat anything from birds to antelope, can kill up to 10 goats in a night “and only eat one”. Wasteful is a word to describe them, and they are considered by farmers as vermin.
    From CTAOP

    We left there buzzing with the excitement of our cool experience with the world’s fastest land animal.
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