Sunday, October 30, 2011

Claire Medol Hyman/dba Claire J Hyman

Mrowww. As a pewter and silver slinky feline whose sole purpose in life is guiding my artist parent, Claire Medol Hyman dba/ claire j. Hyman through the rigors of life, I don't do Halloween. It's another day of work for this feline.  I'm Clarke Kent Kitty. Though I'm female, as a kitten Claire thought I was male. My role in life is Claire's muse. .. leave the homonym alone.  

As is routine, today I groomed when I awoke, now I  stretch before I work.  When my petite silver hind paws and claws stretch back and under my elegantly curvacious furry silver blue derriere and pewter striped slim silken tail , they  are grounding me.  I, mistress of ergonomics, push my shoulders, front paws, my slim neck and my sienna leather nose out front and low over my front paws. Push and pull, all muscles act, ears back, I am exquisite, a mistress of aesthetics, anatomy and the figure.

I've planned today that we create more 6" x 6" etchings with collage I taught Claire about last week , when reviewing our work  I inadvertently stepped into our wheat glue  then onto printed Japanese paper next to our etchings. How would I know they were to be kept separate? Instead, in my furry to whip Japanese paper snippets off my paw, the etchings flew around and were glued onto my paws' printed Japanese papers and, art was made. Snippets of ----Japanese papers all over the lovely 6"x6"
etchings of Claire's abstract figure drawings... of humans.
Now entitled NEW WORKS , we rolled the fabrications with the heaviest printing brayer . In that procedure,  I like jumping under the work.  Claire likes the work to be flat. Purrr, sweet how picky she is.  Claire dried them with the hair dryer.  I love that stage of art work, it entices me to curl close to the blowing heat on the soft pad of lysine for a short nap. I'm moved within 2 minutes. She is so predictable. Claire  covered our work with protective lysine paper then with a heavy plywood board to flatten them.  Rowrrrr!! Yay!! Nice images. I wasn't in the doghouse. When we reviewed our work, we then drew with catmium red, catmium oranges and catmium yellow leading the eye in the wide swift path I prefer.  I was very pleased.  Purrr-r-r-, sigh.

So lets make more, it was so fun.  And I just remembered, we must wrap our etching juried in the Maryland Federation of Art SMALLS SHOW!  "Claire, Mrowrrr! Meow!  come open the door. Let's go out to the studio." Oops. Claire is having breakfast and making lists. I'll remind her that my artist  time is being wasted. I'll groom her sweetly  then I'll sit on her list and groom me.

Ok, that did not work. Claire stayed in the house and I am outside on the back deck. Alone. So,  I must   smack down textures for the etchings. Diving into tallest reeds of grasses and flopping onto the seed balls of sunflowers I bat at them, the pod of seeds break and scatter. They will provide interesting patterns,  drawings on our etchings, or textures if pasted on cardboard for the press. Globs of lovely ink collect in the crevices giving us unpredicted images. I especially love the surprises I attain in our work. 

Whew, look at this crop of textures and seeds, purr-r.  Claire will be proud of me, purr-r Hmmm, that first patch of morning warm sunlight on my ochre stained wood deck beckons. Time for an early nap.


  1. clarke Kent Kitty, thank you for introducing yourself and your parent, Claire. It is nice to meet you. Can't wait to read more about your life!

  2. This made me laugh...that you thought Clark was male when she was a kitten. I'd love to see photos of your work, soon!