Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New York here she comes.

I've been pushed out of Claire's  large weekender four times already. You'd think she would understand it is comfortable for me, but no.  Instead today, she is packing for New York city  without me. She has just had a talk with me explaining this is her blog site and I may not dominate it. So, with that my friends, I suggest , just 'comment' whenever you'd like me to return more often.

Claire here preparing for my semi regular trek to New York. I revisit  family, friends and energy. Many of my  Londinsky family  live on the east coast, my friends new and old, my favorite museums and music happen, always.  I ordered theatre tickets for WAR HORSE at the Lincoln Center and a comedy, RELATIVELY SPEAKING. Clarke Kent and I both love the Coen Brothes.

I afford New York City by eating a well balanced large breakfast and lunch, stay near public transportation, buy the pass for events and museums, but spend way too much on great theatre. I do not like musicals. Clarke Kent kitty assigned these two artists for me to view indepth: De Kooning at MOMA, Ezra Jack Keats at the Jewish Museum. They will both expand my ability to loosen up in my  work. I will report back on all By  Friday I will have seen "WAR HORSE " on Thursday night and seen the De Kooning show.

Now  I am packing. Clothes, watercolors and papers as Bill Kohn, one of my favored teachers instructed, a notebook and my Galaxy pad. I do not know how to use is yet, it is a goal for this weekend.  Wish me luck.


  1. Claire,
    Have a great trip. The Ezra Jack Keats display will be awesome, I am sure. How lucky you are, and I bet you come back inspired!

  2. Oh how fun! I hope you have a wonderful time. Our family took a trip to NYC in March. Enjoy!

  3. Thank you Margo, I am inspired by the Keats, the De Kooning etc. And just being, gone walking taking bus seeing nice people.

  4. Diane, had a wonderful time. Glad I was alone. no family other than cousins. :))

  5. I find cats to be excellent narrators, so encourage feline involvement here. ;-) Sounds like an excellent time! (oh, this is Gretchen Caspary Tolksdorf, writing in the name of my late, great dog Figmint/Figgy.)

  6. Mroww, welcome Gretchen giving voice to Figment/Figgy . was this great dog a figament of your imagination that spoke to you like a dog? either way, welcome to our adventures. Mrowww, please check all shedding at the door., you re on my couches.

    I love a party, so does Claire, bring friends with you here.