Wednesday, November 9, 2011

while claire's away the CAT will PLAY.

Mrow friend Diane!!  Thank you.  

Mom Claire will now  use artist's brain, the visual for this blog site.  Claire is a sweet mom, and a fine artist who gets left brain and right brain twisted. Excruciating pain for me cause I say use your paws, not your words.  Thank yeeew. I drew that hint on her work list.
My job while Mom is gone to the Big Apple...why that dumb name I wonder ? 
Wile I'm bored without my day job as Claire's  muse, I am catching up on household duties. Mice aren't taking refuge in my house yet for winter, plus my dog bro does not chase over the chairs and tables. Slow is too minimal a word for him.  I  maintain watch over the critter trap on the overhanging roof outside our study. Mr. Mark traps a few of my fellow critters, typically racoons,  who over reach our house rules. They poop on our roof, attempt to rip off shingles and wood as access to wax comfily in the attic. 

When I see a squirrel or raccoon, I romp furiously through the house letting the sitter or sis Carolyn know  somethings amiss. The 'help' frees these guys way out in the country, hoping they stay away from this neighborhood.  I think they should be banded so I can check out their origins.

 My day task when mom's home is accompanying her through my garden. I point out small changes. Claire is taller than me, at 5'1" she  misses so much I see. Climbing my favorite Ginko tree , the leaves ready to fall in late November are so golden. The  fan shapes of course are my paws' reflection of Perfection!!  I fly up our garden's one Ginko tree singing my praise. Mom,  of course   admires me first,  then sees Ginko's gold as it complements my silver blue coat. Its all about me. She draws or presses the leaves, for use in work. I specialize in Missouri garden snakes, snails, butterflies and moths. My silvery coat is most lovely in the piles of autumn orange leaves, the bright sunlight and again, my favorite the Ginkos.
My treks with Claire have led to many colors in  her prints and paintings. The autumn Ginko's and I are well represented by cadmium yellow, ochre and variations of blues. My paws and grooming pattern exclude me from painting though i am great at collage.  
While Dad is in Las Vegas and Mom in The Big Apple... duh, I expected to nap a lot. I planned to restyle my silken coat, customize the cushioning throughout my house. Its much easier on me managing my quiet home without parents and guests. They cause me to refresh my scent path or add sheddings  where  picky mom cleaned. 

So goes my plan, but our pet sitters carry scent of other critters,  of cologne and of perfume. Fragrances of all sorts are a no-no in our house. My litter is fragrance free.  My canine sibling, Chester Chesapeake Bay is highly allergic and my mom is picky.  Natural musk of animal is the order of affairs in mom's house,  no commercial defecants, bleach, no toxins, no VOCs. 
Our night shift pet walking guy walks in wearing a suit, long hair and hits me with ... cologne. Nice guy, but really. I don't get a mere petting or 'hi'. Ya don't like blue cats? Prejudice? We don't do smelly. Bro dog itches now and my left eye is watering. I'll squint my eyes til Mom comes home and everyone will say I look evil.  But face it dog oils and sweat need  airing for longer than a 1/2 hour walk three times daily. The man's cologne and lady's perfume must go. 
Dad got home first and the house improved cause Chester bro went to Dog Park and the walkers weren't here. Mom Claire returned from NYC Tuesday night. She ASAP opened windows to  air my house, so I sat at the window cold as it was. I checked out the night life. Wednesday morning we toured the gardens. Ginko leaves covered in deep gold my blue hosta bed,  the huge Elephant Leaves stand almost as tall as mom over the carpet of toothy fernlike leaves fallen from the False Cypress tree.

When I first moved to this house the Cypress tree had limbs low enough that I could run up and climb the tree. I'd climb about 40 limbs up, mrorrrr, so proudly. I'd meowwww softly knowing Mom CLaire knew my call of pride. 

Though we work hard she encourages my stealth tactics, my climbing skills for observation value.  Of course looks help. I looked great in that tree of yellow green soft straight feathery leaves, my blue coat stood out. Mom would always clap as I climbed high. It was exciting. Then I'd come down to return to work. 

Today, my False Cypress Tree has outgrown me. The lowest limbs are too tall for me to reach even with a flying start. I have taken over the Ohio Buckeye tree planted for shade in front of the studio.  

Mom told me that her house before I was adopted had a white blooming Ohio Buckeye Tree also next to the creative ares of the house where her  kids played, fixed things and collected Buckeyes.  There were mounds of them in big bro Mark Hyman's car garage where Puma dog dropped them. Mark Hyman's car projects always took the single garage where Puma and Corona cat watched. Andrew Hyman fixed his bicycles in the farm's old chicken house and Carolyn Hyman took over the larger attic space.  Her  kitty, Corky, batted Buckeyes around the house. 

In springtime my University City tree has tall blooms, about 11 inches covered with many little pink flowers. I can climb up and smack them, so pretty and fun. But this tree leaves burn and fall earlier than others, by  late summer heat its scorched. By autumn it's bare branches  are easy to climb. Yay!! no pink, only texture for Mom's paintings. Odd, but it drops no Buckeyes. Nicest is its subtle texture and wood tone contrast well to me,  the lovely silver blue kitty. 


  1. Ahhh, the life of a cat--you have an exciting one at that--even when both of your parents are gone. :)

  2. Mrowww Margo Dill,

    Yes, my life is lovely, it fits me so well.

    Thank you for visiting me here. If you would like silver kitty hair on your clothing, just write back. I do land mail also.

  3. Clarke Kent, how nice of you to offer. Unfortunately we have plenty of dog hair at my house and on our clothing. That's probably not what you wanted to hear. :)