Sunday, February 12, 2012

My New Works using a UCity Lion image: review of Desi Dinnerstein's "CLUTTERED LIFE"

HYMAN      Welcome to my blog site friends. 

This week's collages, drawings for future paintings, are created with  my note cards,  GRRREEN LION. The image is of my sculpture for UNIVERSITY  CITY, MO where the lion is emblem.  As a devoted feline lover and slave to my kitty, CLarke KEnt, the lion in my work is a passion.   

My design for GRRREEN LION is intended to be planted with Missouri wild flowers in containers that would otherwise go into trash.  The work stands for the many lovely public and private gardens existing in University City, MO or UCity as we call it,  along with our responsibilities to Recycle, Reuse, Re-energize. My GRRREEN LION stands over very small remains of detritus in urban blight.

  GRRREEN LION collage on cardboard 7" x 4".

Below  GRRREEN LION, Claire Hyman collage with image by Paolo Panini, Met. Mus. of Art.  on cardboard.


Detail:  below of GRRREEN LION at the pool in Panini drawing.

"A CLUTTERED LIFE" written with humor by Pesi Dinnerstein carries us on her  soul searching path  through a life long annoyance with her clutter. As a studio artist, my world is paper, materials, media and setups that can feel like clutter so, Pesi Dinnerstein's (Paulette Plonchak) book struck a note.   I felt identified reading;

       "the clutter I attract is often a source of creative stimulation to me, as well as a natural outgrowth    of my desire to embrace life spontaneously and without restraint. It is free borders and poor boundaries; infinite possibilities and overloaded circuits. " 

 Paulette is recently retired from teaching language skills for twenty plus years. Aware of her sense of clutter she made heroic efforts toward order then offers us her journey to inspire in “A Cluttered Life”:  Searching for God, Serenity, and My Missing Keys (Seal Press). or

This author wanting a simpler orderly life  found definition instead, learning that what constitutes clutter is not always clear. In her retirement she was able to embrace new territory meeting an old acquaintance she also used her writing, her friends and the study of Kabbalism to reduce her anxiety in her state of being instead of her state of clutter. Her feelings of chaos become a journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening. Truly the artist’s journey.

Collage has always been a joy for me. I use this medium in my largest paintings as well as these SMALLS. This sketch book having all yellow pages led me to challenge myself. Create
A BOOK OF YELLOW WORKS . They will lead to large paintings.

YELLOW  NUMBER ONE,  collage and multi media, Feb. 6, 2012


Last Saturday night was an important ARTS  evening. First we attended the opening of Martin Brief's work, SUCCESS,  INSTALLATION ROOM, St. Louis MO.  An incredibly meditative piece of work in ink on rag paper entitled SUCCESS, the artist hand prints in his 3/16" font the definition of word 'success' from the dictionary continuing  to create an ethereal image.  First viewed from the door of the 8' ISOLATION ROOM one can think the image is texture. Approaching closer is a revelation.  

I'm not a movie goer, but advised by dear friends to see "THE ARTIST",  I went. I loved and will return soon.  Go see it and lets talk about it.

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