Tuesday, March 13, 2012

STAR CLIPPER upcoming zine show

FORM #12  oil, canvas on board.  18"x 24", 2012.  Price available by request.
 Hi Friends, This oil painting is #5 of my challenge one painting a week starting March 1.  Works on paper and on canvas.   

The next of my cartoon series, BETWEEN BOOKS AND BALLS, will be available mid April. Stay tuned. Meantime, ten minutes walk from my studio Star Clipper in the LOOP of University City, MO keeps me fresh and up to date on current comics.


Samizdat Zine Library 
New Gallery Installation This April
Via STL Magazine: Do you remember 'zines? 'Zine is short for magazine, and 'zines were magazines about any number of subjects, cheaply made, self-published, usually black-and-white, and often traded between their creators.

Enter Masha Serdyukova, a student at Washington University's George Warren Brown School of Social Work. Masha has created the Samizdat Zine Library, a collection of more than 2,500 'zines dating from the early '90s through today. Serdyukova and collaborator Sean Arnold have painstakingly separated the massive collection of 'zines into about two dozen categories, including political, historical, personal, DIY, poetry and literature, art, sex and gender, feminism, environment and animals, food, travel, media, activism, race, prison, comics, foreign language, religion, and more! 

Beginning April 21, 2012, the Samizdat Zine Library will make the Star Clipper Gallery its home for the forseeable future. This is a painstakingly curated and dynamic collection, friends. 

I hope to see you there.


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