Saturday, February 25, 2012

 I spent today day working on two new paintings as I enjoyed unseasonable sunlight that streamed into my studio. Cardinals have returned to the Hood, first her, then sure enough a flash of Cardinal red announced him. After a sip in the pond they both hit the feeder and took off.

Haven't seen the Red Tail Hawks today, but Clarke Kent kitty was confined to quarters while I was in the studio. In my study, she is entertaining me with her gymnastic routine romping full speed up the steps she leaps onto the stair railing screaming "look at me" in Felinese. My heart is in my throat still when she casually tiptoes across the stair rail parallel to an opening into my study. That rail overlooking the staircase doesn't hinder her lithe leap into my study. She slides across the work table and dashes for the door to repeat that routine. She meows with delight her celebration of an evening with me in audience. Soon she will remind me to shower. We will soon be cuddling for the night.


Tonight a fine dinner then  Gaetano Donizetti's -The Elixir of Love . So true. Love! The source of man's greatest pleasure, as well as his greatest pain at University of Missouri 's beautiful Touhill Theatre. Presented by the  UMSL music department and St. Louis Opera Theatre . This is over forty years seeing opera with my good friend,  pianist Phyllis Hyken.

Tonight's cast of well trained voices presented with youthful exuberance the sweetly humorous opera. The intimate Lee Theater, a relief from today's huge theater venue, enabled some voices not yet fully developed.  The program FREE to the public with FREE parking is one of many exquisite arts opportunities available to St. Louis.  Another tidbit... Touhill Concert Hall is accessible to Metrolink  public transportation.

I was not surprised to see John Lesser, one of St. Louis most charming Fine Opera afficionado. John   attends every opera performance offered in St. Louis. He holds and shares with our community his excellent art poster collection. One of many St. Louis supporters of the arts.

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